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Your place to request RPers!

That's right. You're in a community already, you're thinking, "God, I wish I had a (insert co-star character here)". But what do you do? You could advertise in communities for that series, but don't you feel like a total spammer? You could advertise the community in general, but that won't necessarily get anyone to join as the character you want oh-so-bad.
Don't post RP ads in this community. Go to one of the other five billion communities meant for that. All RP ads will be deleted and some people might get banned from posting.

That's where we come in!

It's easy. You can join this community, post what character you really want to see, and people who like to RP as that character can look it up.

So, here's the rules:
1. Be nice.
2. When you request a character, here's the information you should post:
<B>Extra Information</B>:

In the tags you should put:
1 tag for the name of the series. No capital letters.
1 tag for the name of the community. No capital letters.
(Some series can be spelled different ways, especially with roomaji. Please check the spelling that is already being used in the tags).

Series: Phoenix Wright
Character: Ronnie DeLite
Community: Dramadramaduck
Extra Information: We're going to start having our plot go through Trial and Tribulations, so it'd be awesome to have a Ronnie!!!!!!111!

Tags: phoenix wright, dramadramaduck

This way anyone who wants to play a Phoenix Wright character can easily look up which ones are wanted where. On the same note, it's likely that some communities will have many requests, and someone who wants to look up a certain community can easily do that, too.
Do not use the character's names in the tags. There's a limit of 1,000 tags. If we had a tag for every single character frm every single series, we'd run out fast.

Please make your entries less stupid-looking than my example.

1 request per post.

Get it? Got it? Good.

3. Once a request is filled, go back and change the tag to: filled.

4. Currently, people can post without being members. If this is abused it will change.

5. Lots of communites have similar lists where people say, "OMG! I would love if someone played AwesomeCharacter!" But they get ignored a lot, don't they? And they tend to get buried in mountains of everything else on the community.
Here you can post all of the requests you've had for certain characters, and your community can link to the tag for your community.
For example, if I posted all the dramadramaduck requests, I could then link to the dramadramaduck tag from the main community and forward people to that.
That way a lot of communities can also use this as an organization tool.

6. We'll think of more stuff if it's needed.

CPR moderated by emeryl. You can IM me at Emeryl Tekutsu if you have any questions.

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